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December 2017PBS Report From Santa Fe  Lorene Mills interviews Rick Iannucci and Nancy De Santis to discuss Horses For Heroes Cowboy Up!

April 2021A collaborative initiative with the US Army's 1st Division (Ft. Riley, KS) Chaplain, Rabbi Mike Harrari and Special Forces veteran Rick Iannucci and Nancy De Santis of Horses For Heroes NM Inc. Santa Fe, NM; providing Pre-Deployment Resiliency training for the unit's "Iron Rangers".

April 2020 A short video about our Human Brain

Eye on New Mexico Discusses veteran services, July 1st, 2012
Nicole Brady and Stuart Dyson speak with Pat Gaston, President of Women Veterans of New Mexico, Veterans TV producer Doug Keaty and

Nancy De Santis Horses For Heroes - NM, Inc. Cowboy Up! Director           *** Video unavailable at this time***

Horses For Healing mini documentary by Rosi Calderon and Mindy Sayers

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Interview with Joe Griffin KOAT Action 7 News

Horses Used For Therapy For Returning SoldiersVeterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are working with horses and learning about the cowboy lifestyle to help heal their wounds.                    *** Video unavailable at this time***

KOB Eyewitness News 4 Jeff Maher's interviews with some of our Cowboy Up! Veteran Participants...

Wilkow, May 21st, 2013  giving back to Horses For Heroes Cowboy Up!  

***Video unavailable at this time***

Issues & Answers, December 2015 Host Diane Kinderwater interviews Directors, Rick Iannucci, and Nancy De Santis.  Interview begins at the 1:51 minute mark.

March 2016  Tech. Sgt. Robin Hopkins Cowboys Up! at Horses For Heroes NM, Inc.   Video short by Jeff Fitzmorris & Laura Turner both Colorado USAFR

CHS News Cimarron NM January 21st, 2010

Wilkow, February 4, 2013 Learning from Tragedy  Andrew talks with former Navy Seal and Mentor to Chris Kyle, Eric Davis, and Exec. Director for Horses For Heroes Cowboy Up! Rick Iannucci about why PTSD is so misunderstood.  

***Video unavailable at this time***

New Mexico History Museum March 2016  Author of HONORING THE DOUGHBOYS Jeff Lowdermilk introduces Executive Director, Rick Iannucci of Horses For Heroes NM; Iannucci introduces some of our Cowboy Up! veterans.  Helen Pattaon sings a snip of Ballad of Green Berets.

Wilkow, November 12, 2012  Andrew Wilkow speaks to Executive Director regarding our Cowboy Up! Program

Issues & Answers, June 18, 2014 Host Diane Kinderwater interviews Executive Director Rick Iannucci. Starts at the one minute mark.

October 2021 Horses For Heroes NM Inc. and Exit 12 Dance Company collaborate on a moving dance impression which combines indigenous and traditional rituals in their healing and honoring their veterans returning from war. This original dance piece and final exercise was created as part of a workshop retreat conducted exclusively by Horses For Heroes NM Inc. for the Exit 12 Dance company and filmed entirely on location at the Crossed Arrows Ranch, Santa Fe, NM.


2KASA FOX July 24th, 2014 interview with Executive Director Rick Iannucci.

Top Story with Misa Maruyama - KOB TV
Helping Vets Heal Through Horses.           
*** Video unavailable at this time***

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August 21, 2020 The Council KUHS Radio/TV speaks with Horses For Heroes Founders, Rick Iannucci and Nancy De Santis regarding their programs. Part of The Veterans Summit Special Series on Hope & Healing for veterans.

Operation Ram Tough Heroes July 2013 by Patrick Dorinson   Our friend and famed Cowboy Libertarian, Patrick Dorinson, documented his trip from CA to NM to deliver our Dodge Ram truck personally that Vince Bloom at Elk Grove Dodge helped to make possible!

God Answers Prayers December 2015 Host Linda Cobb interviews Horses For Heroes - NM, Inc.'s Directors, Rick Iannucci and Nancy De Santis. The interview begins at 9:11 minutes, however, if ya have the time it is a lovely show with the music of Desert Rain in between segments!

September 2017  The cast of NBC's The Brave supports Horses For Heroes Cowboy Up!, our Veterans and Active Military.  Left to Right: Nancy De Santis Programs Director Horses For Heroes NM Cowboy Up!, Hadi Tabbal, Demetrius Grosse, Dean Georgaris, Anne Heche, Mike Vogel, Noah Mills, Natacha Karam, and Rick Iannucci Director and Founder of Horses For Heroes NM Cowboy Up!

January 7, 2020

Post Traumatic Spiritual Dissonance ™ 

Touched By A Horse speaks with Programs Director/Co-Founder Nancy De Santis and her work with military veterans, those transitioning to civilian life, and those who are active duty. By listneing to veterans, Nancy and Rick learned they had more soul injuries and stresses.

New Mexico Humanitarian Awards, August 2014.  This video interview was created by the JCC in conjunction with the NM Humanitarian Awards.  The NMHA is a distinguished recognition program born from the desire to raise awareness of the spirit of humanity. Awards honor those who have embodied an outstanding spirit of humanity in a local, national or international capacity.

Christian Science Monitor by Melanie Stetson Freeman

Wilkow, November 22, 2013 From soldier to Civilian.  Horses For Heroes New Mexico is a program that embrace non-traditional ways to help our returning veterans transition back to regular life.   ***Video unavailable at this time***

Building of Bunkhouse 2012 Volunteers lending a hand in building our Warrior Bunk House.

An in depth interview with Lorene Mills of Report from Santa Fe.

Lorene brings the very best of the esteemed, beloved, controversial, famous and emergent minds and voices of the day to a weekly audience that spans the state of New Mexico.

*** Video unavailable at this time***