"Cooper had warned us before he came home not to expect the same person we knew before he was deployed," Hampton said.  "I'm so proud of his service, but it's a big burden for those guys.  It's hard to come home and return to the life you were living before combat duty. These guys have all seen and done so much; and given up a part of themselves in the process." 
   ~ R.W. Hampton speaking of his son Cooper now serving his third tour of duty as a Marine Sergeant.

Veteran Services Phone Numbers & Links

National Vet2Vet Talk Line      1.855.838.7481

Vet2Vet handles the veteran population nationwide. They can provide referrals for homlessness, substance abuse, financial needs, legal issues, etc. They also provide peer support to those with behavioral health issures, as well as medical needs.

Vets4Warriors 1.855.838.8255

Vet4Warriors works with those still serving in the military (active duty, reserves and National Guard). They are a peer support program staffed entirely by veterans.

Both above lines run 24/7 and remain in touch with all clients by providing regular callbacks.

Veterans Crisis Line

The Veterans Crisis Line connects Veterans in crisis and their families and friends with qualified, caring Department of Veterans Affairs responders through a confidential toll-free hotline, online chat, or text.

Helping Yourself Recover ~ PTSD in Veterans

Links to HelpGuide.org - the information on this page is very helpful for you the veteran.

Helping a loved one or family member with PTSD

Also links to HelpGuide.org - the information on this page is very helpful to the family and friends of veterans.

Coaching into Care ~ Help Your Veteran

Coaching into Care is a free and confidential coaching service to help callers discover new ways to talk with their Veteran about their concerns and about treatment options.


A wellness resource for the military community ~ search by topic.

Give An Hour

Mental health professionals nationwide to literally donate an hour of their time each week to provide free mental health services to military personnel and their families.

National Resource Directory

A national resource directory connecting Wounded Warriors, Service Members, Veterans, Their Families and Caregivers with Those Who Support Them.

VA Caregiver Support

Learn more about the support and services VA offers Family Caregivers.

Recommended Reading

Highly recommended for both soldier and family members to read. 
Most all are available directly or on Amazon if you shop through AmazonSmile, amazon will donate a portion of your purchase to us!  Just click here and make sure you enter "Horses For Heroes-New Mexico Inc." as your designated charity.

Invisible Scars: How to Treat Combat Stress and PTSD Without Medication by Dr. Bart Billings

INVISIBLE SCARS is the only book specifically addressing and outlining how individuals experiencing combat stress and PTSD are suffering longer and with worsening symptoms, because of the massive use of psychiatric medications. Dr. Billings provides an uncensored description and data showing the dangers involved in taking psychiatric medications, and he explains in clear and concise terms how to work with individuals, without the use of psychiatric medications.

"I have personally researched medication and diagnostic labels for a decade now, and I am thrilled that someone has finally came forward to speak about this on behalf our military service members! I can validate all that Billings cites in this book and more - though this book is not a complete picture, it is a great place to start educating yourself so that you can become your own advocate." ~ Nancy De Santis

Billings states: " ...PTS should never be allowed to turn into PTSD, as has been the case for over a decade. This is truly a preventable problem and can be most-readily handled by implementing transitional programs."

Brain Save 

Brain Save by Functional Neurologist Dr. Titus Chiu is a must read if you have had a concussion/brain injury. Easy to read and informative. Written for those struggling with symptoms of Post-Concussion Syndrome months or even years after initial injury. A Functional Neurologist, like a Functional Medical doctor is trained to get to the "root cause" of your symptoms. 

The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook, Revised and Expanded Second Edition: A Guide to Healing, Recovery, and Growth

Glenn R. Schiraldi, Ph.D., Lt. Colonel (USAR, Ret.), has served on the stress management faculties at the Pentagon, the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, and the University of Maryland, where he received the Outstanding Teaching Award and other teaching/service awards in the School of Public Health. This is the most comprehensive book I have seen - be sure to get the Revised and Expanded Edition and don't delay!

Once A Warrior Always a Warrior 

Navigating the Transition from Combat to Home Including Combat Stress, PTSD, and mTBI by Charles W. Hoge, MD, Colonel, U.S Army (Ret.)

In clear practical language, Dr. Hoge explores the latest knowledge in combat stress, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), mTBI (mild traumatic brain injury), other physiological reactions to war, and their treatment options. Recognizing that warriors and family members both change during deployment, he helps them better understand each other’s experience, especially living with enduring survival skills from the combat environment that are often viewed as “symptoms” back home. The heart of this book focuses on what’s necessary to successfully navigate the transition—“LANDNAV” for the home front.

Col. Hoge has confirmed what we have seen and believe his explanation of PTSD to be quite true: "...the fact that what medical professionals label symptoms are also combat survival skills". Once a Warrior Always a Warrior will help you to understand that "PTSD is not an "emotional" or "psychological" problem, but a physiological condition that includes physical, emotional, psychological and behavioral reactions."

War and the Soul

By Edward Tick. This book will change the way you think about war, for veterans and or all those who love and want to help them. Drawing on history, mythology and his thirty years of experience, Dr. Tick reveals the universal dimensions of veterans' soul wounding.

Once A Warrior - Wired For Life

By Bridget Cantrell, Ph. D. and co-authored with Army Veteran Chuck Dean.  Once A Warrior - Wired For Life illustrates how to turn negatives into positives and assists our highly trained military personnel in utilizing their tremendous potential in achieving success and happiness after their released from military service. This book highlights the path along the way to transitioning from warrior to civilian. It is not a book to read just once, but one to study over and over again.

This is not a book but a blog, written by a Veteran for Veterans. Highly recommended reading.
"A Blog Dedicated To Veterans.
The Army taught me how to up armor my mind and body for War.
I taught myself how to Armor Down to thrive as a civilian."

Click image below

Souls Under Siege: The Effects of Multiple Troop Deployments - and How to Weather the Storm

By Bridget Cantrell, Ph. D.  It is a book that will help us all find ways to support and tend to those living with the pressures of multiple deployments.  Its’ thrust is to not only expand awareness of the issues involved, but to also outline sensible tools for finding relief in these trying times.

Courage After Fire

Coping Strategies for Troops Returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and Their Families.  By Keith Armstrong, Suzanne Best & Paula Domenici.

Other Books to add to your library:

Achilles in Vietnam: Combat Trauma and the Undoing of Character by Johnathan Shay

An original and groundbreaking book that examines the psychological devastation of war by comparing the soldiers of Homer’s Iliad with Vietnam veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

In this strikingly original and groundbreaking book, Dr. Shay examines the psychological devastation of war by comparing the soldiers of Homer’s Iliad with Vietnam veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Although the Iliad was written twenty-seven centuries ago it has much to teach about combat trauma, as do the more recent, compelling voices and experiences of Vietnam vets.

Odysseus in America: Combat Trauma and the Trials of Homecoming by Johnathan Shay

In this ambitious follow-up to Achilles in Vietnam, Dr. Jonathan Shay uses the Odyssey, the story of a soldier's homecoming, to illuminate the pitfalls that trap many veterans on the road back to civilian life.

Seamlessly combining important psychological work and brilliant literary interpretation with an impassioned plea to renovate American military institutions, Shay deepens our understanding of both the combat veteran's experience and one of the world's greatest classics.

The Untold War: Inside the Hearts, Minds, and Souls of Our Soldiers

By Nancy Sherman. The Untold War draws on revealing interviews with servicemen and -women to offer keen psychological and philosophical insights into the experience of being a soldier. Bringing to light the ethical quandaries that soldiers face―torture, the thin line between fighters and civilians, and the anguish of killing even in a just war―Nancy Sherman opens our eyes to the fact that wars are fought internally as well as externally, enabling us to understand the emotional tolls that are so often overlooked.

Afterwar: Healing the Moral Wounds of Our Soldiers by Nancy Sherman

2.6 million soldiers are currently returning home from war, the greatest number since Vietnam. Facing an increase in suicides and post-traumatic stress, the military has embraced measures such as resilience training and positive psychology to heal mind as well as body. Sherman argues that some psychological wounds of war need a kind of healing through moral understanding that is the special province of philosophical engagement and listening.

New Beliefs New Brain

Lisa Wimberger is the founder of the Neurosculpting Institute.

Description from back cover:
Drawing on her own history of trauma and experience helping "first responders," Lisa Wimberger teaches powerful and easy-to-practice meditation techniques that improve the mental and emotional quality of life for those who are suffering. These techniques can be used at any time to turn back the body's clock, regenerate the mind, break negative patterns, and heal emotional wounds.     

Bouncing Back:

Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being By Linda Graham, MFT

This book is not about coming home from war, it is a book that describes the way our brain works and ways to re-wire it.  Science has proved that mindfulness training is a tool that can help those with PTSD to rewire their brain.  From the back cover: " Resilience is the ability to face and handle life's challenges, whether everyday disappointments or extraordinary disasters.  While resilience is innate in the brain, over time we learn unhelpful patterns, which then become fixed in our neural circuitry.  But science is now revealing that what previously seemed hardwired can be rewired, and Bouncing Back shows us how.  With powerful, time-tested exercises, Linda Graham guides us in rebuilding our core well-being and disaster-proofing in our brains.

Rewire Your Brain For Love

By Marsha Lucas, PhD.   
Also not a book about coming home from war, it is a book on creating vibrant relationships using the Neuroscience of Mindfulness.   Marsha Lucas explains neuroscience in an easy and entertaining way while being quite informative.  It is an outstanding book that explains how we can bring about permanent changes in our brain using mindful meditation - a highly refined attentional training.  You don't need to become a yogi, you can easily start with Marsha's
six second exercise (taught to her by her father who successfully used it in his work with veterans).  Mindfulness is a tool that is essential for each one of us.  Marsha's book is chuck full of mindfulness exercises to enhance your life, not only your relationships.