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What We Offer

• Aimed at the under-served portion of veterans who quietly transitioned from the battlefield to the workforce or to college and trade schools, this empowering programs strength lies in combining our transcendent work with horses with a pragmatic focus on individual creativity and igniting the veteran’s creative processes. Creative cognants with top area teachers and subject matter expert instructors will include, cooking, photography, journaling, war writing, mixed media art, videography and making movies to name a few.

"It's the Ability not the disability" 
Dana Bowman

Horses For Heroes, EdibleNM

Horses For Heroes – NM Inc.  a Non-Profit 501 (c) (3)   
About Horses For Heroes NM, Inc., Cowboy Up! and what we offer:

Horses For Heroes NM, Inc. is for veterans who are working toward Post Traumatic Growth, as well for active military who wish to be proactive in their own well-being.  Like the military, we call it “Preventative Maintenance”!

Our program helps in building Resilience at the cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual, levels.  We help to build on ones existing strengths, because we believe in one’s self-efficacy, and that is what we work toward!

“Self-efficacy refers to an individual's belief in his or her capacity to execute behaviors necessary to produce specific performance attainments (Bandura, 1977, 1986, 1997). Self-efficacy reflects confidence in the ability to exert control over one's own motivation, behavior, and social environment. These cognitive self-evaluations influence all manner of human experience, including the goals for which people strive, the amount of energy expended toward goal achievement, and likelihood of attaining particular levels of behavioral performance.”

~American Psychological Association



Cowboy Up! Skill-set Restructuring™

(Sunday in - Sunday out)

• Horsemanship is Leadership - which starts with Relationship.

• We assist post 9/11 veterans and active military, Guard and Reserves, through the way of the horse to support their journey through transition and healing by integrating mind, body and spirit.


Education on "The Other Side of PTSD"

• Education for veteran, family, and community.

• Post Traumatic Spiritual Dissonance™ (Post Traumatic Spiritual Dissonance is a disconnect or conflict resulting from what one believes to be right and wrong concurrently. ~Spiritual is defined as relating to or affecting the human spirit).

• For some the first casualty of war is a wound to the spirit.
For others it may be active combat survivor skills, which worked well down range, but now being home aren't serving you well. Perhaps something during your military experience has you feeling disconnected, dishonored or depleted, or possibly it may be that you struggle going from service member to civilian. We get it, and can work with you on dealing with it.


Wisdom Way For Warriors Holistic Life Coaching and Education
(in person/online via Zoom)

• Wisdom Way EGCM Coaching Session
• What PTS/D is, and more importantly, what PTSD/D is not.
• Becoming one’s own Health Advocate.
• Neuroscience (understanding the brain’s role with regard to the label PTS/D and stress. Understanding personal triggers, how stress manifests in the body, and how to mitigate stress through well-being skills.
• Preventative Maintenance for Couples ~ Front-loading your marriage for Resilience.

Resilient Warriors

(Sunday in - Sunday out)


Ongoing Support

• Participants become part of our family and are welcome to communicate at any time through life’s ups and downs.  
• Twice a month life coaching is also available as a more structured format.


Train the Trainers 4-Day Training

• For Equine Gestalt Coaching Method Practitioners (Graduates of Melisa Pearce’s EGCM®) dedicated to learning how to work with veterans and further their education in: "Working with PTSD and Trauma Among Military Service Members". This is a four-day CEU level course.

Train the Trainers ~ Israel!

On invitation we traveled to the Holy Land to share first hand with IDF (Israeli Defense Force) experts about our programs, to learn from their experiences and to solidify training locations that would be suitable to run a version of our Cowboy UP! program for IDF Reservists and veterans. Training their trainers will begin here at the ranch, conducted by our veterans and then assisting them in Israel as they launch their program.

Healing the Healers

• This full day retreat program was inspired by our work with the NM National Guard Chaplains and works well with all Faith traditions, Chaplains, clergy and lay ministers, who are working with veterans and active military.


Veteran Family Support (“Resilient Families”)

• For those who have participated in at least one training evolution; veteran and active military families are welcomed at no cost, for either a directed or self-guided personal family retreat, or just a long weekend. We stock our Cowboy Bunkhouse with locally sourced, nutritious groceries and the family can hit the “reset button” and re-connect in a safe and serene ranch environment, using the entire facility exclusively.


Pre-Deployment Resiliency Training

• For active military, Guard and Reserves, operating in an ambiguous environment can be challenging. This one week training is designed to build resiliency skills in order to understand and process the stress of deployment in order to maintain well-being and whole health: body mind, and spirit.

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