‘Moral Injury’: When Soldiers Betray Their Sense Of Right And Wrong    ~    June 21, 2013
By Martha Bebinger, Samara Freemark and Jeff Severns Guntzel | Illustration and layout by Andy Warner

 US Army Col. Charles Hoge, MD a nationally known expert on PTSD, in his book Once a Warrior Always a Warrior confirms that "the fact that what medical professionals label symptoms are also combat survival skills". Col. Hoge goes on to describe that "PTSD is not an "emotional" or "psychological" problem, but a physiological condition that includes physical, emotional, psychological and behavioral reactions."


For some the first casualty of war is many times a wound to the spirit.
For others it may be active combat survivor skills which worked well in field, but now being home aren't serving you well,
perhaps something during your military experience has you feeling disconnected, dishonored or depleted, or possibly it may be the case that you struggle going from service member to civilian.

We see there are many sides to what may be labeled PTSD - we aren't for labels especially when they do not accurately capture an individuals experience - there is no one size fits all PTSD and not everyone's personal experience fits neatly in to the traditional definitions and many times defies it.
This is why we like to call PTSD 

The definition of DISSONANCE in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is
a :  lack of agreement; especially :  inconsistency between the beliefs one holds or between one's
actions and one's beliefs

b :  an instance of such inconsistency or disagreement

Therefore, Post Traumatic Spiritual Dissonance is a disconnect or conflict resulting from what one believes to be
right and wrong concurrently. Herein lies the internal struggle for the warrior.

Spiritual is defined as relating to or affecting the human spirit. 

For some this will be more of a personal religious nature and others it may be more nonsecular in nature.

~ However you would like to define it, know that we understand, there is no judgement here and we support you.

It is our mission to work with you and our horses to forge a new path of  
Post Healing Strength™.

Please Note: Shortly after filming in 2013 we dropped the word "Disorder" all-together and Replaced it with "Dissonance" because it more accurately described

what we were seeing.

"Trauma is more of an injury that requires rehabilitation
than an illness that requires medicine."

~Charles Figley, PhD. and former Vietnam US Marine

Here is a little more on the invisible wounds of war:

Jonathan Shay, a psychiatrist at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs’ clinic in Boston,
was looking for a way to describe damage to a veteran’s spirit or soul that PTSD didn't capture;
he coined the phrase 'Moral Injury' back in the 90's and we couldn't agree more.

 For more on Moral Injury please have a listen to or read the
5 part series by WBUR Boston's NPR below, as well as read the work of
Edward Tick, for he also captures this essence quite well, by referring to PTSD as a "Soul Wound".
He discusses wounds of war in his book War and the Soul.

Edward Tick says "...war's invisible wound is not only caused by the massive stress that alters neurological, emotional, and cognitive functioning. These changes, to be sure, are real and severe. But the invisible war wound is also holistic and complex. It impacts and transforms every aspect of our being. Is is, in essence, spiritual, moral, and communal."
~ Quoted from Edward Tick's article War-Healing Ways

A Big Thank You to  WBUR  Boston's NPR® news station for their series on 'Moral Injury' which was published in June 2013.

Please click on each article link to hear or read the articles below.